Why window treatments and window tinting work hand in hand together?

When deciding on which to choose for your home or office, consider combining both window treatments with window tinting.  Here are the perks of having both:

  1.  MAXIMIZE ENERGY SAVINGS– Glass is one of the leading causes of heat gain and loss in the home.  During the spring and summer months, a significant amount of heat is let in through the glass causing the cooling system in your home to work harder to maintain your desired temperature.  This works the same way in the winter months as you try to keep your house warm.  As heat comes in and out, our heating and cooling systems work harder causing energy bills to increase.  With window tinting, film can block up to 78% of the incoming heat, while acting as an insulator to keep heat in.  With window shades, like cellular, no matter what fabric you choose you can reduce the total solar heat gain from 40-60%.  Essentially you are insulating your windows with every possible choice.
  2. KEEP THE VIEWS BUT MAINTAIN YOUR PRIVACY– Certain window films do have reflective properties which gives you privacy during the day.  Like a two way mirror though, visibility is based on where the light source is so during the day certain window films are reflective where you cannot see in but at night the house turns into a fish bowl.  That’s where window treatments come in; they provide the privacy depending on the opacity level you choose.  So during the day keep your blinds or shades open and maintain your view, then at night close your blind or shade to maintain your maximum privacy.
  3. THE COMPLETE STYLE SOLUTION-Window treatments can make a statement that expresses your style and personality.  Whether it is a simple sleek roller shade to a lavish formal drapery combination of top treatments and side panels.  Window films can be as simple as solar control films that look grey, silver or colored and can be as complex and stylish as having a stained glass look.  Decorative films are being used in both residential settings (i.e. bathrooms and bedrooms) and also commercial settings (i.e. inner offices and entrances).

In conclusion,  every home or office shouldn’t have to choose just one or the other but instead maximize all the benefits of the combination of both window treatments and window tinting.

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International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ 2014 to Be Held October 7-9 in Baltimore

Mark your calendars! ARC Window Tinting attended this event last year and had a great time and made great connections. Hope to see you there.

International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ 2014 to Be Held October 7-9 in Baltimore.

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What is a LEED Project | Where does window film fit in?

In order to address what a LEED project, or what a LEED certification is, we must first talk about what LEED itself is.

 LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design; it is a an organization that puts fourth standards for existing and new construction projects to follow, earning points toward different levels of LEED certification.  The benefits of certification include: lower operating costs, reduced waste, a healthier environment and qualification for cost reducing incentives like tax rebates. 

 Window film fits into the picture as a vehicle for a building or home to gain more points, and get closer to a higher level of certification.  Points (for existing buildings operations & maintenance) are awarded in 6 different areas from a “water efficiency” category to an “energy & atmosphere” category.  These points are totaled for a final score determining which certification a building is awarded.  According to Vista-films.com, window film can assist with earning 9 LEED certification points in the below areas:

 -Light Pollution Reduction (1 Point)

-Optimizing Energy Performance (1 to 3 Points)

-Improving Thermal Comfort (1 Point)

-Providing Daylighting and Views (1 to 2 Points)

-Innovations in Operations and Upgrades (1 Point)

-Optimize Use of Alternative Materials (1 Point)

 There are additional LEED credit categories available for homes and neighborhood developments. 

This is just another example of how window film can play a part in improving our environment, and help us take steps to a greener and more eco-friendly future. 

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Experts Stress Transparency in Promoting LEED v4 Awareness

Experts Stress Transparency in Promoting LEED v4 Awareness.

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Allow me to introduce myself!

I just realized that although I am new to blogging, I have never mentioned who I am or what I am all about, so check out our website’s brief intro on our “meet the owner” page:


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Window Film Companies Taking Hits as Government Shutdown Enters Third Week

Window film magazine shows how the past government shutdown affected SMB’s including window film companies:

Window Film Companies Taking Hits as Government Shutdown Enters Third Week.

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Some Tips On Energy Saving

In light of National Energy Awareness Month, I want to share this great blog I read!!!


Courtesy : costofsolar.com


below are some energy saving solutions that are not related to “going solar” or using the sun’s energy in other creative ways.

Energy Saving Solutions

Using the heat and light of the sun to cut energy use from other means (e.g., fossil fuels) is obviously an important energy saving solution (or even 10 solutions). However, there are also many other energy saving solutions that focus on actually conserving energy. Let’s run down a few of those, starting with the ones the Rocky Mountain INstitute (RMI) highlights in the solar energy infographic that we shared on Friday (also included at the bottom of this article):

Plant Deciduous Trees: Trees are amazing things. Human society probably couldn’t exist without them. And, for centuries, humans have used them not only for the food many of them produce but also for protection from heat and light…

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I just wanted to share a great video for those in the window film industry


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Window Film Saving Energy

I really wanted to post something about this, although as I think back I always seem to want to post something of this topic and this is ENERGY SAVINGS! I ran into another small, but convincing testimony on one of my small residential jobs where a guy in a 100o sq ft lake house who previously had an electric bill of $33/month, after installing window film on every window of his house brought his bill down to $19/month. Sounds minimal right?, Wrong, let see that in a percentage basis. That is a 43% decrease which is remarkable. Imagine your utility bill is $300.  This would equate to a $129/month savings thus paying for even a $3,000 install(on the high end) in less than 2 years… Thats easy math and easy money..


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Tint TV

I wanted to post a link to a great website for window film dealers that would be interested in learning new tricks via video. I believe they have a new episode every other wednesday. I met these folks at a convention, and they are great people as well as online TV producers



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